Saturday, December 3, 2011

MD: Use Supplements Made from Whole Foods

Here's an MD who's on to something:

If you aren’t getting the vitamins and minerals your body needs from the foods you eat, it’s time to consider taking a supplement.

Dr. Tanya Edwards, an expert in integrative medicine at the Cleveland Clinic, says your supplement sequence should include a multivitamin made from whole foods.

“A multivitamin that’s made with whole foods is one that is made with fruits and vegetables, so it’s more than natural vitamins versus synthetic vitamins,” Edwards said.

Synthetic vitamins and multis have been a source of health problems for years. 
Here's how to tell if your supplements are synthetic.  Get out the bottle and check against these ingredients (Click on image to make it legible):

That's from Dr. Heidi.

Anyway, that's why, for the last 6 years, I've been using the multis she (Dr. Heidi) designed. 

I don't want to make my body worse with my daily multis, but better. (Still size 8, too, 30 years after college.)

What's in them?  Check out the cool 77 Ingredients.  Sexberries included.
That's why I love them and can't stop yakking about them. 

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