Thursday, April 17, 2008

A synthetic vitamin - here's what it's doing...

So now you know why many synthetic vitamins and supplements don't do much. It sits there, until it is later found in the septic waste tanks (see comments here reproduced below).
(Kim here's the Reference for the septic tank story.

"Absorption is the key to everything. How much you swallow means very (VERY) little. Dr. Jonathan Wright was informed by a patient who was a septic tank cleaner that many septic tanks of 'pill-poppers' have layers of pills at the bottom, a clear example of taking something that went on through and was never absorbed." - Robin)


Robin Plan said...

Kim and Dr. Heidi thanks for the visual, YUCK. A picture is so real and stays with me so much longer than words alone.

If I wasn't already on the Whole Food path, this image would do it for me.

Question: The gummy type vitamins being marketed for kids, how do they work? Do they sit like this because most are synthetic? Would the gummy texture have any bearing or is it just the chemicals that factor in?


Kathleen, RN said...

That is yucky! Of course, tomorrow things will look better right? Peppermint capsules would do the same, as would anything absorbed in the intestine vs. the stomach. I don't know, but I do support the use of whole foods nevertheless.