Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Vitamin Exchange Program: Where to ship your Synthetic Multi Vitamins

Vitamin Exchange Program Participants: Here are the 3 steps to get your free whole food multi from Whole Food Nation. (Program ends May 15.)
1. Look to see if your multivitamins are synthetic. Check it against this synthetic ingredients list here: Are Your Vitamins Safe?

2. Decide which of the whole-food multi's you want: Pop a Purple or Pop a Green

3. Ship your synthetic vitamin bottle (leave some pills in it) to Whole Food Nation.

Phone #
Which Pops you want

Whole Food Nation
4741 Central St. #1000
Kansas City, MO 64112
Questions? email me here.

P.S. No one from our company will hound you or pitch you anything. The Vitamin Exchange Program is a national experiment to introduce people to whole-food based multis. And we never share your info, for any reason.

P.P.S. Affiliates and employees of Whole Food Nation: Sorry you can't play.

Questions? email me here.

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