Thursday, March 4, 2010

SAT LIVE. How Dr. Heidi keeps slinky

Most of you don't know that Dr. Heidi used to be a fat kid. It was so bad her friends called her 'walking ball.'

But today, at the time in her life when people say it's natural to gain weight, Dr. Heidi stays slinky and energized. And she eats wonderful stuff. I know, I have learned to eat the same kind of stuff for the past 20 years.

And I am the same size I was in college 30 years ago. 7-8.

If you've tried different eating programs and still are bigger than you want to be, join me this Saturday, March 6.

I've asked Dr. Heidi to a little fireside chat. She'll show you three surprising things that are likely interfering with that weight loss:
1. Five bad good foods. Good as in has nutrition, bad because it interferes with weight loss.

2. Non-fat can make you fat. Who'd have guessed? Here's how.

3. "I can't drink enough water!" If that's you, here's what Dr. Heidi does each day. (Drinking all that water isn't her favorite thing either, so here's what she does.)
You coming? Just call in from your phone. No charge. About 21 minutes plus Q & A.

SAT March 6:Teleconference Call with Dr. Heidi
10:00AM PT 11:00AM MT NOON CT 1PM ET

(712) 429-0700
Pin: 664114#

P.S. Dr. Heidi has helped hundreds of stuck people lose weight they never thought they could. What if you learn something that helps you drop 17 lbs in the next 30 days? And get your old energy back without artificial stimulants?

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Marianne said...

Would you be recording this? No way for me to be avail for live call. Thanks.