Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Death To The Diet

Diets. Perhaps the biggest failure America has experienced in 200 years. 70% of the people walking the streets are overweight or obese. The percent increases every month.

Not one diet works for more than a tiny number of people. That's why nearly everybody you know is overweight. They do NOT all live on junk food, candy and ice cream. MANY eat "right" and they still gain.

I have concluded - after 20 years - that diets can not work for more than that tiny number of people, no matter what it is.

Here's one reason. (43-second audio) And no, you will not like it.

On this WED evening, 6PM, Dr. Heidi will give you the other two reasons. Neither has anything to do with the type of diet. Call limited to the first 100 people.

You coming?

Death To The Diet
WED April 14
6PM PT; 7PM MT; 8PM CT; 9PM ET (New York)

(712) 429-0700
Caller pin 664114#


PaulsHealthBlog.com said...

Can you give a brief summary of the audio?

I could not get the link to load.

Kim Klaver said...

Sorry Paul, no time to do that today. I just got the quote last night.

The audio is working for others though. Do you have a Windows Player? (Assuming you have a PC?)

Dr. Josh Axe said...

Thanks for this article! I just did a blog on this very thing called "Real foods vs. Fake foods". We have been tricked by consumer marketing to believe that foods are "healthy" when they really aren't!