Monday, January 24, 2011

Pain drugs are poisoning you, says FDA

Just in from the venerable New York Times...
"WASHINGTON — The government announced Thursday that it would sharply restrict some of the nation’s most popular prescription painkillers, saying they cause many patients to poison themselves with overdoses of the drug acetaminophen." See the rest of this dreary report here. (In case, here's the PDF.)

How can the decision makers at the FDA live with themselves knowing they are poisoning their own citizens? Perhaps they don't use the drugs themselves?
Like dairy farmers - who drink their milk raw. But you and your family can only get the super-processed, super-pasteurized and nutrition-less "milk". Because that's what big dairy makes. So they have successfully scared good people away from what they don't sell - wonderful raw goat and cow milk (for dairy drinkers, of whom I am one.)

Whose side is the FDA on, anyway?

They used to insist the world was flat too, remember? And those who who didn't believe that and dared to speak up - well look what they did to Galileo.

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