Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Young beauty or young stress?

Have you heard? Walmart offers new makeup line for 8-12-year-olds. See here.

Does this tell an eight-year-old little girl that she doesn't look good enough the way she is?

Could this obsession with looking good - as defined by make-up manufacturers and their ad men - be a reason young girls are stressed out so early? And what about their mothers?


dawn said...

unbelieveable. having a 10 year daughter, i would not encourage this. they should be playing sports, doing fun stuff. this all can come later in life, if at all. i'm 50, & don't wear make up. i do do nutritional supplements, exercise, stress reducation, self development, & skin care.

Dave C said...

Aside from the valid social issue,

I would be wary of make-up coming from Walmart. Chances are good that it is originating in China -which doesn't have a good record when it comes to oversight of their manufacturing sector.

I'm just as wary of our government's ability to police the matter. How many instances have we heard of involving Chinese goods that contain high levels of lead or some toxin?

Personally, I don't trust the Chinese with anything to be ingested or applied topically - like make-up.

The last thing I'd eat is a piece of seafood from a fish farming operation in China. Sadly, companies like SYSCO and others are importing seafood from China. Be aware.

Lacey said...

Agreed. And we can't really trust the ingredients from our personal care manufacturers here either. Even the "natural" ones are often chock full of synthetic chemicals. Thank goodness for organic alternatives that emphasize health rather than a superficial beauty.