Friday, February 13, 2009

Children with 'Mountain Dew Mouth'

"A child in Central Appalachia...No 1 in the nation in toothlessness. According to dentists, one of the main cultpirts is Mountain Dew soda. With 50 percent more caffeine than Coke or Pepsi, Mountain Dew seems to be used as a kind of anti-depressant for children in the hills. More...

(The video above is available on the More link above.)

Anyone else need a reason to kick the daily soda habit?

One alternative: Kombucha (can get in health food stores). Others you've found?

2 comments: said...

One of the leading factors for sudden cardiac arrest is low levels of magnesium.

And one way to significantly lower your magnesium levels is regular consumption of soft and diet drinks, like Mountain Dew.

In addition to sudden cardiac death, low magnesium levels are also known to cause hardening of the arteries, increases inflammation in the body, makes the heart muscle irritable, and can cause seizures, among other things.

Something to consider the next time you want to "do the Dew".

Anonymous said...

In Mexico where I lived for 2 decades.. before the advent of coca cola and the huge plant there.. (that's where the last President of mexico worked before he was elected) ..the kids had no cavities.. the beautiful teeth their parents had they had also.. but now.. alas.. IF they can afford the cokes.. the decay is so evident...