Monday, February 9, 2009

F.D.A. Finds ‘Natural’ Diet Pills Spiked With Drugs

Just in from the New York Times...
Grady Jackson, a defensive tackle with the Atlanta Falcons, said he used the weight-loss capsules. Kathie Lee Gifford was enthusiastic about them on the “Today” show. Retailers like GNC and the Vitamin Shoppe sold them, no prescription required.

But the Food and Drug Administration now says those weight-loss capsules, called StarCaps and promoted as natural dietary supplements using papaya, could be hazardous to your health. In violation of the law, the agency has found, the capsules also contained a potent pharmaceutical drug called bumetanide which can have serious side effects.

And StarCaps are not the only culprits....MORE
PDF here in case.
Weight loss through eating fat burning and cleaner foods, anyone?

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