Saturday, November 29, 2008

CONTEST. What's an ER chicken versus a regular one?

And who cares, anyway?

Hint: You can use this little cartoon to find the answer.

Winner: Auditor spot in the next live ER Fat Burn Formula program.

(Jan 24 - Feb 28, 2009. Worth $145.)

Winner must do both parts of the question. What's the difference, and who cares, anyway?


Wendy said...

An ER chicken is a REAL chicken. It has NOT been caged in suffocating and debilitating conditions, NOT injected with antibiotics and growth hormones, NOT fed on industrial surplus cornmeal, and NOT slaughtered in a stressed state.

Who cares? WE DO!

And the Brits, whose sales of organic free range chickens increased by 31% the week Jamie Oliver's "Fowl Dinners" screened on TV.

And all the mothers who are fed up with fast food places seducing their children with gimmicks but offering 'chicken' that is 56% corn...

No thanks, ER chicken is REAL food, from happy healthy birds living free range in organic pastures, slaughtered quickly and humanely, and delivered to our plate not saturated in chlorine wash and chemicals.

Eat REAL chicken and do your body a favour!

pattipitch said...

An ER chicken, faint, gasp, shock, actually eats a worm for dinner. It lives in a pasture or in a yard and walks around looking for food that its body says "YUM, that looks like dinner to me ." It flaps its wings and runs around. It preens and takes dust bathes in the heat. It isn't crowded into a little cage with no room even to stand up.

And unlike its buddies who are named 'free-range" chickens but legally only need to have 3 square feet of space and a bit of sunshine, an ER chicken actually does have space. It gets wet in the rain. It grows at the pace that chickens were meant to grow at. It has a farmer you can meet and talk to and isn't part of some corporate megalopolis that has forgotten it is actually growing food for people.

An ER chicken is not a commodity, it is a chicken. It gets to live like a chicken. And when it is time to die and become someone else's dinner, the farmer actually knows who is going to eat it. They have a conversation. The person knows what kind of life an ER chicken has and feels good about eating it because that person knows how good the chicken is for her. And because the chicken had a good life.

She knows that a pastured chicken has fats that nourish her body and help her to be healthy. She knows that eating a pastured chicken feels good. Unlike the dubious feeling a body gets after eating factory raised chickens that are full of genetically modified corn and other unmentionables.

But best of all, a pastured chicken tastes good. Really good.

Robin Plan said...

ER chicken is a happy chicken. They eat from pastures usually following behind cows. They eat lots of bugs because that's what chickens eat. They get exercise and sunshine. Their egg yolks are bright yellow or orange. They are happy chickens.

Commercial factory chickens are the opposite of everything a pastured ER chicken is.

This matters to anyone who cares about their health and their family's health. It matters to people who stopped eating meat because they were sick of how animals were treated and believes in humane treatment of animals, like me. It matters to me because I know what we eat is key to being healthy. I know what we read in the media is not adding to our health. I know we have to go back to real food, the kind our great-great grandparents ate.

I'm not doing the contest. I've gone through the first two ER fat burn programs and the ER detox program. I'm healthier and have stopped smoking, finally, because I changed how I eat.