Thursday, November 13, 2008

Testers wanted. ER Fat Burn experiment

You want to lose weight. What should you do: Low fat or low carb? Or something else?

No matter what you try, someone will tell you your liver will fall out, that it's bad for your heart or that it won't work. Weight loss is just one of those things where everyone's an expert.

So here's the story on the experiment.
Some of you know that the Extreme Regime (ER) Fat Burn program run by Dr. Heidi has been a startling success for people in it. Folks have not only lost weight but their little ailments are disappearing, from belching to hot flashes to the runs. Irritations that these folks have had for years. Some for 10-25 years. Significantly reduced or gone in five weeks on ER Fat Burn. Along with weight loss.
Three things you should know about ER Fat Burn
1. The ER Fat Burn program is consistent with the low carb principles, versus low fat.
So if you participate in the experiment (or the full on ER Fat Burn program some day) expect a friend or trainer at the gym to tell you that you might lose your liver. Atkins, low carb's most recognizable name, is portrayed as the devil himself by the competing low fat proponents. They've done a good job scaring people about low carb.
2. ER Fat Burn has two BIG twists to the traditional low carb:
*Twist one. All the foods - proteins, fats, oils and liquids are ER (Extreme Regime) quality. No industrial feedlot beef, only 100% grass-fed, for example. 3-minute animated cartoon tells the story here.) Meats especially must be ER quality. See here for the gory why of that.
* Twist two. ER Fat Burn is a cycle, one of four or five one does per year. It is not a permanent or long term (i.e. not more than 8 weeks at a time) way of eating.

3. ER Fat Burn is consistent with the massive findings and conclusions on calories and low carb in the new and controversial book by Gary Taubes, Good Calories Bad Calories. Here's a quickie from Wiki.
Anyway, I'm working up a little video to show you, and depending on your reaction, we'll take some of you into a test run for a self-directed ER Fat Burn program. You'd have to agree to do certain things, like with the Pops Testers program...and probably more. I'll let you know as we get closer to having this ready to test. If you're up for that, email me here and I'll set up a special priority notification list for the ER Fat Burn do-it-yourself home experiment.

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Miguel Wickert said...

I'm all ears... I've all experimenting, I'll likely blog about it as well. :) Thanks!