Thursday, August 21, 2008

"I'm 55. I lost 20 lbs in 5 wks. Soon I will exercise."

"Even my pajamas were tight."

Just before ER.
5 weeks into ER

"At the end of the 5-week ER Fat Burn program:
I've lost 20 pounds and

4 inches in my bust
5 inches in my waist, and
4 inches in my hips.
I didn't exercise. But now I might."
Carol Raynor emailed her story after ER (Fat burn)
"I’m a country girl who was raised on meat, vegetables and potatoes. That is what I thought was healthy. I have always carried too much weight.

"I would diet by cutting out desserts, not eating pizza, or going on a liquid shake diet (whatever the latest fad was).

"I knew I was at my maximum weight (170 lbs – 5 feet tall) when I weighed the same as my husband who is 8 inches taller than me. He took a picture of me in May (me in blue above). When I saw it – I was sick about myself. All I could think was “I HAVE to diet again.”

"In July I was getting ready to spend money on yet another diet program (nutra-systems). After all it worked for all those people on the TV, right?

"I was emailing Kim while on the introduction call to Extreme Regime asking if this would really work. What no one knows until now – I was crying the whole time of the email and call. I joined the program in desperation.

"Because I felt "ugly". My sex drive was gone and I have a wonderful husband. My legs were "skuffing" together, my skirt was cutting me in the middle, and I had to wear over blouses to hide the rolls. This May picture showed it all and I was sick. It was so hard to feel romantic when there was nothing to cover up the weight. Even my pajamas were tight.

But now, after ER, that's history.

"My three ER Surprises:

1) The foods I was allowed to eat - and, I didn’t have to eat the ones I didn’t like

2) That fat (the right kind) was good for me, and

3) I wasn’t required to exercise or count calories (can you say paradigm shift!)

"Deep down I did NOT believe it would work. But I was willing to give it a try. I was desperate. It IS weird. Giving up white rice (aren’t grains healthy?), cold cereal before bed (aren’t milk and cereal wholesome?) and peanut butter sandwiches...These are things I thought would be hard, because I had them everyday. But it wasn’t. I stayed full on the allowed foods.

"I’m at the end of the 5-week program and have lost 20 pounds, 4 inches in my bust, 5 inches in my waist, and 4 inches in my hips. I've made a permanent life style change. I’m going to audit the Sept ER I program this time to continue to reinforce what I have learned."
Exercise not required (but ok if you do) for ER Fat burn phase. For good reason. Other changes work better, faster. :) They used to think the world was flat too, once upon a time. Seemed perfectly natural. Only it wasn't.


Robin Plan said...

Congrats to you Carol. You look great and I can tell from your before and after story that you are feeling so much better about yourself.
Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Carol!

Wow! A program that doesn't require exercising! What a concept!