Thursday, August 7, 2008

5 Weight Loss Surprises From New Research

Most everyone I know is on a diet of some kind most of the time. Everyone is trying.

But most folks are frustrated with their meager results. One recent study predicts that everyone will be overweight in 40 years, despite all the dieting and suffering.

What are we doing wrong?

Here are five stunners from recent reviews of the weight research literature. Including reanalysis of existing government studies:
  • Calorie restriction doesn't work. Unless you're happy with losing 5 pounds after six months of semi-starvation. In a $700 million gov't study, 20,000 women lost only 2 pounds after 8 years of reducing their daily calories by 360 each day. Two pounds after 8 years (!!) (See report.)

  • Artificial sweeteners actually make you fatter. Any diet foods, shakes, bars, low-carb this 'n that, which are filled with artificial sweeteners or artificial fats, flavors or colorings, make you blimp out. See why here.

  • Even nutritious carbs like whole grains, legumes, fruit and veggies - may interfere with your weight loss.

  • Certain fats can be a major part of your weight loss food plan. These special fats rev up your metabolism.

  • Rabbit food is NOT required to lose weight.

  • Exercise is NOT required to lose weight. One of the gals in Dr. Heidi's July Extreme Regime ER-I fat burning program lost 14 pounds in 14 days and didn't exercise anymore than normal. Which is almost never.
These five findings are among the principles guiding the success of Dr. Heidi's ER-I program. Everyone has lost weight and no one is ever hungry. What more can one ask?

Dr. Heidi's next ER-I program starts September 6. Info here.

I made a 90-second music video (my first, go easy) on the program here. (QuickTime - turn on your audio!)

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