Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Why not just buy the Atkins or South Beach Diet book?"

I mean if it's just low carb. (Which it's not just). That's way cheaper than paying for the ER Fat Burn program (which is $445+ depending on your option).

So wrote one gal.. (Forget that the ER I fat burn stage is just one of the cycles in the ER program...)

Still, good point.

Years ago I was at Harvard and got a Master's degree. I don't recall what the tuition was, but it was in the tens of thousands of dollars for a packed one year course of study.

I guess I could have just bought the books assigned for the classes and done it myself.

Would have been waaaay cheaper.

But I wanted teachers to guide me, to instruct me. I wanted to be around other students who were going through the process and looking for the same things I was.

I wanted to immerse myself because then I knew I'd do it. I wanted an experience. And so I paid the big dollars because that is what I wanted. AND I bought the books.

So it all depends on what one seeks. Do you want an experience or a how-to book? (yes the ER book is in the works) Depending on what you want, you buy the books or manuals, or, you seek out an experience and immerse yourself with guides and like-minded people on the same journey with you.


A little movie is coming about ER soon. Heheh.

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Robin Plan said...

I learned so much more than just eat this not that from the ER program. I learned the best salt to eat, how much water I need, and even why tomatoes in cans are bad for me, etc. Yes I could have bought a book but that would be a one size fits all. Dr. Heidi doesn't believe in one size fits all. I liked the way Dr. Heidi and the entire ER group gave help. I learned from the group. Thanks ER 1 group!