Wednesday, August 13, 2008

WARNING: There's a catch in the ER Fat Burn program.

Readers here have heard about Dr. Heidi's ER Fat Burn program. But how do you know that it's not just people taking your money and, at the end of the program, you're still overweight and miserable?

You're right to wonder. Especially if your dieting experience has been like that of these women...
"20,000 women lost 2 lbs after 8 years of dieting"

All the women reduced their daily calories by an
average of 360 calories per day. They lost only
2 lbs after 8 years of dieting
National Institutes of Health, 1991.Women’s Health Initiative,
a $700 million study.

Of course these gals thought that if they restricted their calories, they'd lose weight.

ER asks that you suspend your belief in restricting calories to lose weight - because it might be wrong. 50 years of clinical research shows that:

Calorie counting has turned out to be useless, and may even be dangerous.

ER asks you try a new belief - that it's what you eat that determines what you weigh and how you feel.

Dr. Heidi is wrapping up the July 4-week ER Fat Burn program, based on that belief. Here's the story:
10 folks came to lose weight. After 4 weeks:
Average weight loss: 7 lbs
High: 19 lbs
Low 3 lbs
No one is hungry. No one is cranky.
No one counted calories. No one felt deprived. No one ate rabbit food. The ER weight loss mantra:
It's not how much we eat, it's WHAT we eat.
Next ER Fat Burn starts September 6. If you've been calorie counting without success, want to test a new belief? MAXIMUM: 15 Actives.

They all believed the earth was flat once too, didn't they?

P.S. Tidbits. Carol, this month's star loser who lost 14 lbs in her first 14 days on ER Fat Burn, has now lost 19 lbs, and is dropping about 2 lbs per week now. Vanessa, an auditor, lost 10 lbs; Mary, an auditor, lost 11 lbs. Wanda, an Active, lost 9 lbs. And, one gal lost 0. She came to ER with a dead metabolism, looking for way to heal it so she could start losing. After 4 weeks in ER, she got rid of her gas and bloating, and her joint pain disappeared. She too, is a happy camper.

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