Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dr. Heidi's Goody Bag part I

Dr. Heidi went off for a weekend retreat last week. At 6AM Friday AM, the camera caught her packing her ER Goody bag. (9:11)

Here's Part II (4 mins)


Robin Plan said...

Excellent tips. Thank you for the info about the egg cooker - I overcook mine.


Nancy said...

I'd never heard of the egg cooker, either. I'm intrigued by ER but still browsing, and this was very interesting. Also interesting: The videogrpher moving around in the mirror! Hi Kim! I really lilke the video format ... well done. Thanks.

Larry said...

I'm not new to your blog or the ER program. I've been following articles from Robin's blog and I'm interested in the weight loss program. Since it's done eating real food can you estimate how much my grocery bill would incease or would it? Can the food we would eat be found at the grocery store? Where do we find this real food?

Carol Raynor said...

Larry - First, I have lost 18 pounds, 4 inches top, 5 inches in my waist and 4 in the hips on the Extreme Regime weight loss plan. Thursday will be the 30 day mark. Some of the foods you can get via the web. Others you might have to hunt for (depending where you live). The support group helps a lot in suggesting different places for the foods. Although “real” food is a little more expensive, I would say my grocery bill stayed about the same because of the foods I was not buying (i.e., cereal $4 a box). Even if my grocery bill had gone up – my weight is going down and I feel better than I ever have…….Priceless!

P.S. There’s still time to join the next group – but hurry – spaces are filling up.