Monday, August 18, 2008

Are you losing sales because of your appearance?

Is it wrong to judge a book by its cover?

Maybe, but most of us do it.

And if you are selling a health or weight loss product, watch out!

Those eyeballs check you out. The brains instantly go, "Why should I buy any weight loss product from you? You're overweight (or not healthy looking) yourself. Obviously your product doesn't work."

And that's that. No sale. Of course they won't tell you why not.

Here's what you can do.
1. Lose weight and get healthy yourself. Fast. So you look the part. Or
2. Market a different product altogether where your appearance does not get in the way. Or
3. Find people to sell your weight loss products to who don't notice (or care) that you are overweight yourself.
If you're using weight loss products and they're not working fast enough, there's a reason. And it is NOT necessarily that the products or shakes don't really work that well.



Angela Brooks said...

You do not know how many times I have said this very thing.

It is very hard to tell someone how wonderful a product is if your 50lbs over weight...end of story.

Good Post

Bigzee said...

I would certainly have to agree with you. That first impression is so important. Personally I've lost twenty pounds and 12 inches on the Nutritional Cleansing program that I'm on. I also work out five times a week and I have to say that I look the part........people believe me.
I know of others who have lost 25 pounds but still need to lose alot more. What they do is carry around a Before picture of what they used to look like. This has helped their story become much more believable.