Saturday, December 6, 2008

Daily multis in a blister pack?

Most vitamins come in plastic bottles. When the Pops first came out 4 years ago, they were in a bottle, too.

But two years ago, we decided to go for the more expensive blister packs. One big reason was to make it easier for us to take them in a bag or purse. The little card keeps them compact, light and protected - until you pop out one or two.

But other people see other advantages...

From the just-released Kitchen Table Medicine Review in which Pops were named "Best Multivitamin 2008" Dr. Nicole Sundene, naturopathic physician, writes...
"No Plastic Bottles! Plastics are destroying our ecosystem, and we need to use glass and paper alternatives when available...Pops come in blister packs that minimize plastic waste put in landfills." More here
Mary Nolan tells a group of Pops testers another advantage of the Pops coming in blister packs:
"I am so impressed with the Green one that I have made my order for 2 boxes of each. And because they are blister-packed, the Care Center where my son is being rehabilitated after neck surgery will consent to giving them to him with his meds."

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