Thursday, December 11, 2008

My surprised heartburn hubby...

Just in from Susan...
"My hubby has been having trouble with heartburn. He even got a prescription from his doctor which I wasn't crazy about. But it was only for a month. When the month ended, his heartburn came back. It seemed like he complained about it more after using the prescription.

"Well I had my private session with Dr Heidi on Monday and I asked her if heartburn was related to diet. She suggested taking the pops before a meal (for the digestive enzymes) and possibly also HCL. I told my hubby all this Monday evening and gave him a green before dinner.

"Fast forward about 24 hours.

"I got home from a candle show about 9:30 Tuesday night and what does my hubby tell me...he hasn't has any heartburn all day!

"Could it really be this easy...? - Susan S.
For some people it is...No promises though. Try the Pops. See what happens when you put the 25 veggies, 11 enzymes and food herbs in the Green Pops into your body.

2 comments: said...

My wife used to take a green food product, and had to take 12 capsules a day - and she hates having to swallow pills.

Now with the Green Pops, she just takes one capsule before bed, and she's done - and a lot happier.

Kim Klaver said...

Good to hear that, Paul. Whatever works for a person, THAT's what to go with. Might be different for someone else, given a different body.

Delighted to hear the results your wife is getting.