Monday, December 8, 2008

Since the Pops, my muscles don't hurt like before...

Question from July Pops tester, Jana Z, to the Pops tester board:
"Since I have been taking the Pops I have had a huge decrease in muscular pain with my fibromyalgia. Would this be due to the increase in nutrition? Will our muscles respond negatively to lack of proper nutrition?

Also, what kind of additional nutritional helps to we need in addition to the Pops? - Thanks- Jana Zaloum

Dr. Heidi's response:
"Yes, our bodies - including our muscles - respond well to good nutrition, using it to heal. The Pops have a number of ingredients that could take the credit for the decrease in your muscle pain.

"1. The 7 metabolic enhancers in the Purples help your body better absorb the nutrients in the food you eat, as well as the nutrients in the Pops themselves. So, even if you did not make any changes in your diet, you are probably extracting more out of what you eat than you did before, including the minerals magnesium and manganese that improve energy production in muscle cells, relieving fibromyalgia pain.

"The metabolic enhancers also increase the body's energy production. This causes the muscle cells to expand rather than contract, easing the pain.

"2. A wide spectrum of antioxidants are contained in a number of Pops ingredients, including camu-camu (Vitamin C), dunaliella (beta carotene/ Vitamin A), extracts of green tea, grape seed, turmeric, alpha lipoic acid, not to mention all the berries and other fruits. Antioxidants support immune function, which causes the body to relax instead of

"3 and 4 continued here...

Note: Dr. Heidi Dulay has an Ed.D. from Harvard University and an M.S. from Stanford Business School. She's the designer of the Pops. And creator of the Extreme Regime Fat Burn Formula program. And life long friend.

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