Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Two bonuses for first 100 Bare Bones Poppers

Attention: First 100 folks who get their Bare Bones Pops Wednesday (opens NOON Eastern Time here) - two special bonuses await you...
1. A virtual coupon worth US $50 toward the wildly successful five-week January Extreme Regime Fat Burn Formula program. (It's not a diet pill program, hahaha.) There will be two options of that program:

a.) the personally guided 5-week program with Dr. Heidi - around $545 - same as last two sold out versions (28 folks max) -see description here -or

b.) a self-guided online version for about $195. That'll include a life forum of current members and graduates, audios, videos and PDFs (handouts). The same five week program, without the personal hand-holding by Dr. Heidi. 300 slots available as of now.

The $50 coupon is good towards either program. You choose.

2. For those of you in a business where you want customers, you get a copy, on the house, of my most popular customer gathering book "If My Product's So Great, How Come I Can't Sell It?" You get the immediately downloadable eBook version, which folks buy for $17.95, 365 pages. On the house also if you're in the first 100. State you want that in the Comments when you order, and we'll get it to ya.

3. Note: when you place your Bare Bones Pops order, get at least a 4 month supply. Pops are a whole food-based multi, not a drug. So they take time to help your body help itself heal and get energized again.
Later Tuesday, I'll announce a super special bonus for the first five folks in.


P.S. Boy were we surprised to learn that the Pops won the "Best Multivitamins 2008" Award from Kitchen Table Medicine. Delighted, too.

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