Monday, December 8, 2008

Green Pops helped Lily give up alcohol

Lily was a September '08 Pops tester. Here's her note to the other testers on their Google forum...
"Hi Everyone,

"I have a confession to make. In addition to my problems in my marriage and with depression, I am also an alcoholic. I took my last drink of beer on
Monday Sept 22 and began outpatient sessions at a local treatment center on Wednesday Sept 23.

"I had been on the Greens for two weeks and I believe that they helped me make my decision to stop. I'm still taking my greens, but also had to take some doctor prescribed medication to help me through my detox - the second day was the worst.

"I feel better, both mentally and physically. When I looked at myself in the mirror this morning, my eyes were bright - no dark circles- and I didn't notice the strain that had started showing constantly on my face.

"Thanks, Kim. I truly believe that the Greens are helping me to help myself. God Bless." -Lily in Myrtle Beach , now regular Pops user.
P.S. Bare Bones Pops Special: Opens at NOON Eastern Time(NY), Wed, Dec 10. Here.

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