Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pops Profile: Who says it's over when you're 77?

Profile of a Pops user...

Mary Nolan, and old customer and friend, recently got slammed with a double tragedy in her life:
One of her two sons went into the doctor's office for a check up about 6 weeks ago, and was unexpectedly diagnosed with advanced Leukemia. He died 5 days later. He'd had no signs of trouble before. Father of two teenagers, age 51.

Two days before his sudden death, Mary's second son had surgery complications and doctor errors that left him unable to walk. She visits him regularly.
Prayers to you, dear Mary.

About ten days ago, this same 77-year old gal, in the midst of her grief, started a big Internet Marketing income-creation-program that a group of us had decided to do. It's a fairly major investment of money and time. Mary knew she wanted it. She scrounged up the money and started in...

Well, yesterday, one of the team members, Dave C, wrote the group excitedly about this program:
"It was during the last video that I caught myself talking to myself in amazement as I watched our good friend A populate that blog with content, videos, photos, links, etc. using a special tool.

"It was doggone amazing. That's the stuff that'll cause one to work rather than sleep.

"Kim - thanks for turning me on to this. I have a strong feeling we're in for an exciting ride. Dave C."
Mary, within minutes, jumps onto the board with:
This is really good stuff. I am reviewing videos today and reviewing and then I get to see #5 -

It is hard to believe that at 77 I am getting this.. not all of it yet.. mind you.. but enuff that I am kinda keeping up and don't feel a bit overwhelmed as I do sometimes with other programs which cause me to get so discouraged with no help and I just quit ...

And I am not a quitter.

*I definitely have lots of help from the POPS. *Sooo glad Kim you are doing the special because I am taking LOTS and loving them more and more.

"I can't believe my sharpness.. brain I mean...and memory...lordy lordy!!
Just shows what good, real and superior whole food can do for us... when given the chance!

Thanks to all" - Mary 12.7.08


Anonymous said...

I am inspired by Mary! Also a pops user, I have energy and creativity going full time. I have also sent these onto others and look forward to more.

I am curious... what internet marketing program is she using? And how can I become connected and learn as well?


Kim Klaver said...

Linda -- please email me and I'll tell you about the Internet program Mary is using...