Friday, December 12, 2008

Drug Maker Said to Pay Ghostwriters for Journal Articles

Just in from the New York Times...
"Wyeth, the pharmaceutical company, paid ghostwriters to produce medical journal articles favorable to its female hormone replacement therapy Prempro, according to Congressional letters seeking more information about the company’s involvement in medical ghostwriting. At least one article was published even after a federal study found the drug raised the risk of breast cancer...

"Any attempt to manipulate the scientific literature, that can in turn mislead doctors to prescribe drugs that may not work and/or cause harm to their patients, is very troubling,” Mr. Grassley, an Iowa Republican, wrote Friday to Wyeth’s chairman and chief executive, Bernard J. Poussot." More here. (PDF here in case).
I guess the clear notice at the top of the article: "I was paid to write this by the manufacturer of this drug" (or product or service) doesn't have the same ring of authority, does it?

I also write positive things about products I like. Including products where I own part of the company, like the Pops. Because I love the Pops.
That's why people start companies. They think they have something to offer that some people like themselves will love madly. Apple, Google, Tony Robbins, Dr. Mercola...all doing things and selling things they totally believe in themselves. That's who I buy from.
And yes, they make money when I buy stuff they make or recommend. So what? I value their opinion and their products because we're of like mind.
So long as a person knows that someone who's promoting a product might benefit from doing so, presumably BECAUSE they love it, all is well. See the report on how to do this with friends and others. Friends, Lies and Network Marketing. It's been downloaded (no cost) over 47,353 times...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My surprised heartburn hubby...

Just in from Susan...
"My hubby has been having trouble with heartburn. He even got a prescription from his doctor which I wasn't crazy about. But it was only for a month. When the month ended, his heartburn came back. It seemed like he complained about it more after using the prescription.

"Well I had my private session with Dr Heidi on Monday and I asked her if heartburn was related to diet. She suggested taking the pops before a meal (for the digestive enzymes) and possibly also HCL. I told my hubby all this Monday evening and gave him a green before dinner.

"Fast forward about 24 hours.

"I got home from a candle show about 9:30 Tuesday night and what does my hubby tell me...he hasn't has any heartburn all day!

"Could it really be this easy...? - Susan S.
For some people it is...No promises though. Try the Pops. See what happens when you put the 25 veggies, 11 enzymes and food herbs in the Green Pops into your body.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

For the first five who order Bare Bones Special...

Pops Bare Bones Special opens WED, tomorrow, at NOON Eastern Time (NY).
First five in at that time get a private, 30 minute nutrition session with Dr. Heidi Dulay.
Yes, a telephone one-on-one on any topic related to nutrition and you - your weight, your general health, your energy, whatever.

NOTE: Go to the page early, and click on the center line that says:

Before you go...see order trick here FIRST

It shows you a trick you might miss - that could slow down or mess up your order. So now you won't make that boo boo.

Two bonuses for first 100 Bare Bones Poppers

Attention: First 100 folks who get their Bare Bones Pops Wednesday (opens NOON Eastern Time here) - two special bonuses await you...
1. A virtual coupon worth US $50 toward the wildly successful five-week January Extreme Regime Fat Burn Formula program. (It's not a diet pill program, hahaha.) There will be two options of that program:

a.) the personally guided 5-week program with Dr. Heidi - around $545 - same as last two sold out versions (28 folks max) -see description here -or

b.) a self-guided online version for about $195. That'll include a life forum of current members and graduates, audios, videos and PDFs (handouts). The same five week program, without the personal hand-holding by Dr. Heidi. 300 slots available as of now.

The $50 coupon is good towards either program. You choose.

2. For those of you in a business where you want customers, you get a copy, on the house, of my most popular customer gathering book "If My Product's So Great, How Come I Can't Sell It?" You get the immediately downloadable eBook version, which folks buy for $17.95, 365 pages. On the house also if you're in the first 100. State you want that in the Comments when you order, and we'll get it to ya.

3. Note: when you place your Bare Bones Pops order, get at least a 4 month supply. Pops are a whole food-based multi, not a drug. So they take time to help your body help itself heal and get energized again.
Later Tuesday, I'll announce a super special bonus for the first five folks in.


P.S. Boy were we surprised to learn that the Pops won the "Best Multivitamins 2008" Award from Kitchen Table Medicine. Delighted, too.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Since the Pops, my muscles don't hurt like before...

Question from July Pops tester, Jana Z, to the Pops tester board:
"Since I have been taking the Pops I have had a huge decrease in muscular pain with my fibromyalgia. Would this be due to the increase in nutrition? Will our muscles respond negatively to lack of proper nutrition?

Also, what kind of additional nutritional helps to we need in addition to the Pops? - Thanks- Jana Zaloum

Dr. Heidi's response:
"Yes, our bodies - including our muscles - respond well to good nutrition, using it to heal. The Pops have a number of ingredients that could take the credit for the decrease in your muscle pain.

"1. The 7 metabolic enhancers in the Purples help your body better absorb the nutrients in the food you eat, as well as the nutrients in the Pops themselves. So, even if you did not make any changes in your diet, you are probably extracting more out of what you eat than you did before, including the minerals magnesium and manganese that improve energy production in muscle cells, relieving fibromyalgia pain.

"The metabolic enhancers also increase the body's energy production. This causes the muscle cells to expand rather than contract, easing the pain.

"2. A wide spectrum of antioxidants are contained in a number of Pops ingredients, including camu-camu (Vitamin C), dunaliella (beta carotene/ Vitamin A), extracts of green tea, grape seed, turmeric, alpha lipoic acid, not to mention all the berries and other fruits. Antioxidants support immune function, which causes the body to relax instead of

"3 and 4 continued here...

Note: Dr. Heidi Dulay has an Ed.D. from Harvard University and an M.S. from Stanford Business School. She's the designer of the Pops. And creator of the Extreme Regime Fat Burn Formula program. And life long friend.

P.S. Bare Bones Pops Special: Opens at NOON Eastern Time(NY), Wed, Dec 10. Here.

Green Pops helped Lily give up alcohol

Lily was a September '08 Pops tester. Here's her note to the other testers on their Google forum...
"Hi Everyone,

"I have a confession to make. In addition to my problems in my marriage and with depression, I am also an alcoholic. I took my last drink of beer on
Monday Sept 22 and began outpatient sessions at a local treatment center on Wednesday Sept 23.

"I had been on the Greens for two weeks and I believe that they helped me make my decision to stop. I'm still taking my greens, but also had to take some doctor prescribed medication to help me through my detox - the second day was the worst.

"I feel better, both mentally and physically. When I looked at myself in the mirror this morning, my eyes were bright - no dark circles- and I didn't notice the strain that had started showing constantly on my face.

"Thanks, Kim. I truly believe that the Greens are helping me to help myself. God Bless." -Lily in Myrtle Beach , now regular Pops user.
P.S. Bare Bones Pops Special: Opens at NOON Eastern Time(NY), Wed, Dec 10. Here.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pops Profile: Who says it's over when you're 77?

Profile of a Pops user...

Mary Nolan, and old customer and friend, recently got slammed with a double tragedy in her life:
One of her two sons went into the doctor's office for a check up about 6 weeks ago, and was unexpectedly diagnosed with advanced Leukemia. He died 5 days later. He'd had no signs of trouble before. Father of two teenagers, age 51.

Two days before his sudden death, Mary's second son had surgery complications and doctor errors that left him unable to walk. She visits him regularly.
Prayers to you, dear Mary.

About ten days ago, this same 77-year old gal, in the midst of her grief, started a big Internet Marketing income-creation-program that a group of us had decided to do. It's a fairly major investment of money and time. Mary knew she wanted it. She scrounged up the money and started in...

Well, yesterday, one of the team members, Dave C, wrote the group excitedly about this program:
"It was during the last video that I caught myself talking to myself in amazement as I watched our good friend A populate that blog with content, videos, photos, links, etc. using a special tool.

"It was doggone amazing. That's the stuff that'll cause one to work rather than sleep.

"Kim - thanks for turning me on to this. I have a strong feeling we're in for an exciting ride. Dave C."
Mary, within minutes, jumps onto the board with:
This is really good stuff. I am reviewing videos today and reviewing and then I get to see #5 -

It is hard to believe that at 77 I am getting this.. not all of it yet.. mind you.. but enuff that I am kinda keeping up and don't feel a bit overwhelmed as I do sometimes with other programs which cause me to get so discouraged with no help and I just quit ...

And I am not a quitter.

*I definitely have lots of help from the POPS. *Sooo glad Kim you are doing the special because I am taking LOTS and loving them more and more.

"I can't believe my sharpness.. brain I mean...and memory...lordy lordy!!
Just shows what good, real and superior whole food can do for us... when given the chance!

Thanks to all" - Mary 12.7.08

"The more developed the country is...

the harder it is to find real food." - Dr. Heidi Dulay.

Real extreme regime food versus food-like substances, that is. Compare a regular low carb plate with an ER (Extreme Regime) plate in this little animated cartoon. You Tube version here.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Daily multis in a blister pack?

Most vitamins come in plastic bottles. When the Pops first came out 4 years ago, they were in a bottle, too.

But two years ago, we decided to go for the more expensive blister packs. One big reason was to make it easier for us to take them in a bag or purse. The little card keeps them compact, light and protected - until you pop out one or two.

But other people see other advantages...

From the just-released Kitchen Table Medicine Review in which Pops were named "Best Multivitamin 2008" Dr. Nicole Sundene, naturopathic physician, writes...
"No Plastic Bottles! Plastics are destroying our ecosystem, and we need to use glass and paper alternatives when available...Pops come in blister packs that minimize plastic waste put in landfills." More here
Mary Nolan tells a group of Pops testers another advantage of the Pops coming in blister packs:
"I am so impressed with the Green one that I have made my order for 2 boxes of each. And because they are blister-packed, the Care Center where my son is being rehabilitated after neck surgery will consent to giving them to him with his meds."

Bare Bones Pops Special Dec 10-14, 2008

Here's the Bare Bones Special page. Opens Dec 10, NOON Eastern Time (NY)

Here's why we're doing this crazy special:
1) to acknowledge the current economic hardship many folks are experiencing
2) to express our gratitude that the Pops have started so many folks back on the road to their health.
3) To offer you the option of giving someone you care about - this year - the first step back to health. We'll ship them for you in U.S. with a personal card.
4) to celebrate the selection of the Pops as the "Best Multi of 2008"
This special will be available only on this page. Doors open on this bare bones Pops event December 10, NOON ET.

That gives you time to make your list. Each order to a different person incurs a shipping/handling cost - and within the U.S., that's one price for this special. One to ten boxes shipped to someone is one S/H ($6.95).

Thursday, December 4, 2008

"Every ounce of food we buy makes a statement."

From Dr. Heidi to one of her Extreme Regime Fat Burn students...

Do you agree?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pops: "Best Multivitamin 2008" Kitchen Table Award

That would be the Pops!

See here. Boy are WE ever proud of THAT.

Dr. Nicole Sundene
Naturopathic Physician
Editor-in-Chief of Kitchen Table Medicine