Monday, October 5, 2009

The Burger that Shattered Her Life

Are you eating tainted meat?

She was a 22-year old children's dance instructor. Until she ate an industrial feedlot hamburger, just like the ones you probably eat. (She's pictured in a coma to the left. When she awoke 9 weeks later, she was paralyzed.)
"Neither the system meant to make the meat safe, nor the meat itself, is what consumers have been led to believe." New York Times here. (PDF here in case.)
If you had ANY idea what's really in the ground 'meat' you've been eating at restaurants and those you've bought from the supermarket, you would vomit. See here.

People will go to jail.

P.S. Who scared the NYTimes? Their original title for this front page story, on Oct 3 (I think) was "The Burger that Shattered Her Life." Now, it's the unappealing "E. Coli Path Shows Flaws in Beef Inspection."


Geoff P. said...

Wow, this is ridiculous. Evidence just seems to keep popping up supporting the idea that the FDA is a joke.

I wonder if "pure" ground beef bought at the grocery store is safer?

Even more reason to eat organic foods, especially meats.

Robin said...

Very sobering (disgusting) article. I was mostly vegetarian for over 4 years because meat tasted gross to me. I couldn't handle the taste or knowing how animals are treated in the industrial feedlots.

Dr. Heidi helped me see the answer for me was to find a local farmer who raises the animals on grass and finishes them on grass. 100% grass, pasture fed is how cows and chickens are meant to live and thrive. THe taste is the way it should be but more importantly the animals are healthy, the farmers (the ones I buy from) know their animals, care about how the meat is processed and bottom line, Grass-Fed farms care as much about consumer as their own family. They are not ranchers-farmers just for the money. They are making a statement and gaining credibility.

Coconut Oil Burns Fat

Ann Carter said...

What a disturbing article. Makes me wonder if "grass-fed beef and meat" is the only concern. How about the grinding process for hamburger??? How can we be sure??? Ann

Sue O'Quinn said...

I watched the movie FOOD INC and it changed my life. I was a carnivore...the only meat I have eaten since then has been locally raised and grass fed and even then it has only been 3 times in 5 months.
It does make you take a stand personally for your health.
When I put the best nutrtion in every day, why take this food any less seriously.

Anonymous said...

On Oct 5, 2009, at 11:36 AM, Janet Gammon wrote:

Thanks Kim
This is such a shame..............the mighty dollar will prevail at anybody's expense.
I now eat grass fed beef from a local farmer and he is there at the slaughter house
to ensure that this is HIS beef and he watches the preceedings in the cut of the meat etc.
Grass fed is delicious and it doesn't hurt my tummy. :)