Friday, October 23, 2009

No More Broken Promises

First 15 for special ER Fat Burn offer below

Did you see this new and brutal Apple ad?

Do you feel the same "yeah right, promises promises"about the weight loss programs you've done?
Here's a chance for a promise from me (gasp). I so guarantee Dr. Heidi's ER Fat Burn program that if you are not surprised at 1) how much better you feel, and 2) if you do NOT lose a few, I will pay for your program. And that's not all. You get a pile of whole food-based freebies to give it an honest try.
I've lived Dr. Heidi's eating habits for 20+ years. I personally know almost every one of the 100+ peeps who have gone (and are going through) the five week program now. Nearly each one was surprised. They giggle with happy silly. And they're all experienced dieters - most have done 5-15. From low carb to low fat to plain starvation.

Anyway, I want you to have a happy weight loss surprise. So...

For the next 48 hours, or for the first 15 of you, here's your risk-free chance to look and feel good for the coming holidays. My offer:
Get yourself into to Dr. Heidi's ER Fat Burn program, here. Scroll down to the Multi-Media (MM) option ($149) because the Live option ($445) is full.

When you sign up for the MM option, we will include a set of Pops, see here ($74 for two months' supply) and canister of Big B ($19.95). Shipping on us in the USA.

So that's a $93.95 present for you. You keep it no matter what.

To get this, sign up for the ER Fat Burn program,Multi Media, here - for $149. Must be in the first 15 or the first 48 hours, which ever comes first.
My personal guarantee: If, after you do the five-week ER Fat Burn program faithfully, you do not feel better or have not lost weight, I will refund your money - the $149. And you can keep the other whole-food based goodies.
1. Go here to see a 3-minute cartoon of the eating approach (dial-up doesn't work well).

2. Go here to see quick review of what you get and SIGN UP.

3. Go here to read or hear short stories of surprised peeps (mini videos). And I am hapy to report that for those people, and folks similar, those results are YES typical.

4. Email me here if you wanna chat.
How good will you look by the holidays?

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