Friday, October 16, 2009

Really weird dessert: pickled what?!

Here's from 78 year old Ann Carter, one of the ER Fat Burners in class right now. She just posted this to the ER Fat Burn Forum:
"Tonight for dessert I had pickled herring -- DESSERT !!

"For a confessed chocolate ice cream-aholic that's got to be weird. And, I make tea from coconut oil, and I add coconut oil to my Big B. And I eat butter, and sometimes use butter to fry my eggs.

"Now really - who do you know (besides other ER Fat Burners) who would call this normal eating???????? I don't care - I love it - AND I'm losing weight, and having fun experimenting in the kitchen a room I used to try to avoid, since I only liked to make cookies, cakes, etc. etc.) Hooray for ER Fat Burn." -Ann
Note from Dr. Heidi about Ann:

She has a good constitution
She was an athlete

Bodies can function VERY well at age 78

Ann lost 10 lbs her first week in the program. And while some peeps call that water loss, which it partly is, it's weight and girth she doesn't have anymore.
Plus her bad urges are going away: "Today, I resisted the urge for a DQ Blizzard, and instead, thoroughly enjoyed my cold rump roast."
FTC disclosures:

1. I market the ER Fat Burn program because I have lived it for 20+ years. I'm the same size now as when I was in college 30+ years ago. AND as part owner of the company, I benefit when the company makes sales.

2. Weight loss on ER Fat Burn is TYPICAL. Most everyone loses some weight on the program.

3. "I'm not hungry anymore" is the most common surprise reaction from nearly ALL ER Fat Burn participants.

4. Getting rid of little ailments is the other most common reaction from ER Fat Burn participants. It's an ER secret.

5. Most ER participants agree with Ann's comment today: "WEIRD FOODS BURN FAT!!"
If you'd like to check what all the weirdness is about, check out Dr. Heidi's ER Fat Burn Program. You can do it online even, and go at your own pace. Once you sign up, we take you right into our ER Fat Burn den of fun and iniquity. Hehehe.


Ann Carter said...

What a compliment to have my funny story in your blog!! I hope others get a smile from it. I was surely laughing when I wrote it.
I'm not hungry - my cravings are almost totally gone - and I'm learning how to cook again :-)
ER Weird Foods Fat Burn is the greatest thing since sliced white bread -- hohohoho.
My very best to all of you, Ann

Robin said...

I love hearing about all the "side benefits" people are having while learning what weird foods burn fat!

Congrats Ann....