Monday, October 12, 2009

Did you know there's sugar in hot dogs?

Get this:
"Every man, woman and child consumes, on average, 43 teaspoons of sugar a day. In 13 days that adds up to a five-pound bag of sugar. -John Mackey, CEO Whole Foods, Wall St Journal 10.3.09
This doesn't mean, says Dr. Heidi, that every man, woman and child is sitting around eating 43 teaspoons of sugar each day. We all know lots of sugar is in candy, cookies, ice cream and sodas. But it's also in places you might never guess.
Did you know nearly ALL bacon, sausage and the all-beef hot dogs (from Whole Foods) have SUGAR in them? That's not all...

Sauces, especially barbecue sauce and ketchup have sugar. Plus mayonnaise, salad dressings, energy bars, ham and other deli meats (look for sugar or dextrose), canned chicken stock and soups (dextrose, corn syrup, sugar), and box cereals.
Yikes! The sugar is there because, I guess, we love it. We're addicted to it. OMG.

P.S. I NEVER knew there was sugar in bacon and all-beef hot dogs until a week ago. I don't buy those anymore. I never did buy any of the other stuff. Who knew?

4 comments: said...

Sugar feeds cancer.


Eat Well. Live Well.

Robin said...

And babies start eating sugar in commercial packaged baby food.

Don't forget about the Gummy and chewable vitamins with sugar added to make them taste good enough to actually chew!


Michael said...


In properly prepared cured meats (like bacon) the sugar is almost non-existent. I can't vouch for the hot dogs however. If you saw how they make traditional hot dogs you would understand why they have to put sugar in them. :-)

On many of the dogs I have seen at Whole Foods, sugar is not listed as an ingredient.


Sugar feeds cancer

To be more precise, glucose feeds cancer.


Anonymous said...

yes, there's so much sugar in "regular foods", check out soups for instance, it's so unethical!

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