Friday, October 16, 2009

Poison Additives From World's Top Chef?

“It would not occur to any fast-food chain to stuff us with 20 or 30 dishes full of chemical additives.”

How many ways can we make food taste really really special? You heard it here first: The world's top chef has stooped to the McDonald's strategy: envelop in it additives.

The 'world's best chef' puts so many additives in his dishes that his "menus should carry health warnings informing diners of the additives in the dishes," writes food writer Jorg Zipprick.
“These colorants, gelling agents, emulsifiers, acidifiers and taste enhancers that Adria has introduced massively into his dishes to obtain extraordinary textures, tastes and sensations do not have a neutral impact on health,” says Zipprick, adding that some have a laxative effect." More here

"Britain’s Restaurant magazine has five times voted El Bulli the best restaurant in the world, but Zipprick calculates that a single visit accounts for 16% of an individual’s annual additive intake."

“It would not occur to any fast-food chain to stuff us with 20 or 30 dishes full of chemical additives,” he says, referring to the El Bulli menu More here
Well, now you can pay top dollar and get your tasty poison additive fix.

I wonder how long this guy will keep his ranking as world's top chef now that his "secret" is out? Gross.


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Dave C said...

It is pretty sad commentary on our society -and a barometer of the knowledge level of the so-called SME (subject matter experts) that this idiot could be labeled "world's top chef." What a farce.

How could there ever be such a label anyway? On any given day the Top (-anything you can think of) could be any one of hundreds of talented, gifted people in their fields of endeavor. This man in the subject article is in show business. Not the food business.

That's just my opinion. I could be wrong.

Dave C